Ozuna climbs wall

Marcell Ozuna climbs the left-field wall at Busch Stadium in an attempt to catch a ball that fell in front of him for a Dodgers hit last April. Ozuna wound up face-first on the ground, and the ball bounced over the wall for a double. (Post-Dispatch photo by Christian Gooden)

QUESTION: Shouldn’t Marcell Ozuna perform better offensively if he’s in a DH role, as is being anticipated in Atlanta?

COMMISH: Ozuna actually isn’t that bad an outfielder, and with Markakis opting out in Atlanta, I can see Ozuna playing.

You never know how a man used to playing in the field will do performing only as a hitter. Sometimes, their attention wanders.

Follow-up: What former Cardinal — thinking of Pujols, Ozuna, Heyward — will this 60-game season help or hurt the most?

COMMISH: It could help Pujols get into more games because if he can stay healthy in a short season, he can play more often at first base while Ohtani is DH-ing for the Angels. I see little effect for Heyward, and Ozuna probably can go every day, what with the DH available to him.

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