Texas County Administrative Center
Members of the Texas County Commission handled several matters recently at the Texas County Administrative Center in Houston, according to released minutes. 

Members of the Texas County Commission recently acted on several business items, according to minutes released.

June 24-25 meeting


•Approved a final draft of an employee manual for elected officials to review.

•Discussed federal money that had been sent to the states as part of COVID-19 relief. Texas County’s share was nearly $3 million. Commissioners discussed some received requests.

•Approved the appointment of Brad Richard of Boone Township to fulfill the vacancy left by Jerry Trout’s resignation on the township board.

•Learned $3,000 in reimbursement had been received under a survey corner project undertaken regularly by the county surveyor. The program allows for the creation of surveying points that make it easy to conduct the work in the county.

•Heard from Rob Harrington, City of Houston economic development director, and Scott Avery, Houston city administrator, considering the distribution of the funds received from the relief program.

•Discussed with Sheriff Scott Lindsey a cover for a command unit, learned a truck approved earlier will soon be arriving and discussion was held on hail damage on vehicles from a March 27 storm.

•Receiving a copy of the 2019 audit of TCMH from CEO Wes Murray. A discussion also was held on COVID-19 relief funds.

June 17-18 meeting


•Will seek bids from firms for propane.

•Held a meeting that week to discuss procedures for applying for COVID-19 relief funds.

•Heard from Joanie Rainwater regarding part-time landscape work.

•Was set to discuss at the board of equalization on July 20 issues with the taxation of airport hangars.

•Heard from Sheriff Scott Lindsey regarding inmate medical bills.

•Discussed removal of property from the tax rolls owned by deceased individuals. One vehicle was placed back on the tax rolls because a granddaughter now own it.

•Heard from an Upton resident concerning roads.

•Learned from Leann Green of Boone Township about the resignation of a township board member, Jerry Trout.

The minutes were released on July 13.

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