Cardinals continue practice after missed day

Cardinals outfielder Dylan Carlson works out on July 7 at Busch Stadium. (Post-Dispatch photo by Christian Gooden)

QUESTION: You and Goold seem to say Dylan Carlson will be here soon. Who is most likely to be traded or sent down for him to be on the 26-man roster? No matter how poor they are performing, Fowler or Carp won’t be released.

COMMISH: The 26-man roster doesn’t come into play until the end of August. Teams will have 30 players for the first two weeks, then 28 for the next two weeks. In this abnormal season, there will be a lot of fluidity on rosters because of injury or coronavirus concerns.

The Cardinals at some point will ascertain that Carlson is among their best 26 players and they’ll just work it out. Let’s say that Dexter Fowler’s back tightness continues to be an issue. That would get Carlson here even sooner potentially.

But he shouldn’t be on the club if he isn’t going to play nearly every day.

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