The Texas County Commission distributed about $184,684 in CARES Act money in November to fight COVID-19 locally.

Those receiving funds:

•Texas County Emergency Management, $18,244, AED units and defibrillation pads for first responders and rural fire departments to assist in response to severe medical issues in the county due to the increases in public health emergencies caused by COVID-19.

•Texas County Commission, $49,980, to provide and install Needle Point Bi-Polar Ionization generators for the control of COVID-19 virus in courtrooms and jail facilities in county.

•Texas County Maintenance Department, $383, two backpack sprayers to sanitize traffic areas in county buildings.

•Texas County clerk, $60, hand sanitizer to protect those doing county business.

•Texas County collector, $277, air purifier with HEPA to reduce the chance of contact with the virus in the collector’s office,

•Plato School District, $108,000, grant of $300 per student.

•Texas County, $3,748, purchase and installation of UV germ killer from Robertson Heating and Air to control spread of virus.

•Arrowhead Acres Rentals LLC, $2,488, cleaning supplies, sanitizing fogger, sanitizing washer and dryer needed to purchase due to Airbnb COVID-19 practices. Without the practices, the rental business would have a 72-hour hold between guests.

•Texas County, $584, dispenser for hand sanitizer, disinfectant tab, foaming sanitizer to control the spread of COVID-19 in county buildings.

•Texas County Circuit clerk, $40, facemasks for use in court system.

•Texas County coroner, $639, toxicology needed on individual to determine if death was COVID-19 related to the purpose of contact tracing.

•Texas County coroner, $240, two light weigh pouches for suspected COVID-19 deaths in the county.

The federal funds were distributed to states, which in turn passed the money onto counties. Texas County received about $3 million.