American Rescue Act

Texas County school districts will receive about $8.49 million in federal aid to implement measures to improve facilities and offset costs of education as part of the global pandemic.

The allocations to Texas County school districts are through the CARES Act and the American Recovery Act, according to the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Here are the total breakdowns

Success – $355,384

Houston –  $2.09 million

Summersville – $1.03 million

Licking – $1.80 million

Cabool — $1.82 million

Plato — $753,185

Raymondville — $636,772

The funds may be used to address the many impacts of COVID-19 on pre-K through 12 education, including:

•Investing in resources to implement CDC’s K-12 operational strategy for in-person learning to keep educators, staff and students safe; improving ventilation; purchasing personal protective equipment (PPE); and obtaining additional space to ensure social distancing in classrooms.

•Avoiding layoffs and hiring additional educators to address learning loss, providing support to students and existing staff, and providing sufficient staffing to facilitate social distancing.

•Implementing strategies to meet the social, emotional, mental health, and academic needs of students hit hardest by the pandemic, including through evidence-based interventions and critical services like community schools.

•Funding crucial summer, afterschool and other extended learning and enrichment programs.

•Hiring additional school personnel, such as nurses and custodial staff, to keep schools safe and healthy.

•Providing for social distancing and safety protocols on buses.

•Funding for Wi-Fi hotspots and devices for students without connectivity for remote learning and supporting educators in the effective use of technology.

•Additional uses as allowed in the statute.

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