sales tax revenue
Sales tax revenue continues to increase in the City of Houston, reports the Missouri Department of Revenue.

Revenue collected by Houston merchants continued to increase under the latest monthly distribution, the Missouri Department of Revenue reported.

Funds from a one-cent sales tax for general revenue purposes totaled $68,355 for the month. That was up about 12 percent from the same period a year ago. For the year, the total is $289,029, which is up about $49,290 or 20.6 percent.

Period2019202020212021 vs. 2020
April 202149,463.6261,041.6468,355.117,313.47

A second one-cent sales tax goes for parks, police and fire needs. That totaled $64,903 for the month — or up $7,812 from a year ago. For the year, $271,495 has been collected. That’s up 20.5 percent from the same four months in 2020.

Two quarter-cent sales taxes go to utility and transportation needs. Each totaled $16,227, which is up about 12.8 percent over the same monthly total a year ago. For the year, each has generated about $68,000.

Another $7,121 came from sales tax generated on internet sales.