A Willow Springs teen faces a felony burglary charge following an investigation Friday by the Cabool Police Department.

Dakota L. Farrell, 18, of 2700 Highway 76, Apt. 17, in Willow Springs, is charged with first-degree burglary (a class B felony) and stealing less than $150 (a misdemeanor).

A Cabool officer responded at about 2 p.m. regarding a theft at the Dollar General store.

Upon arrival, the officer spoke with a woman who works there who reportedly said two men had come in, and one grabbed a 12-pack of beer and fled while the other remained. The officer asked the one remaining if he would help locate the other – Farrell – and he complied.

The officer and the helper drove around and eventually received information that Farrell was at Roberts Park. He and another man were found there, and each was drinking a beer of the brand stolen, according to a report. The officer asked Farrell where the rest of the beer was, and he reportedly said he didn’t know, but if it was hidden, the officer wouldn’t find it.

Farrell had been banned from the store due to a previous incident. He reportedly asked the officer what he was being arrested for, and the officer advised him he was being charged with burglary because he had knowingly entered a structure with the intention of committing a crime while being in the company of someone not involved, and because he had been banned from the store and also because he had tampered with physical evidence by hiding the beer, knowing the officer was looking for it.

Farrell was on probation and parole for a previous burglary conviction. He was taken to the Texas County Jail and has a bond set at $150,000.

The officer located the rest of the beer under a dugout at the park’s baseball field.

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