Members of the Texas County Commission met June 23-24, according to minutes it released.


•Met with the county sheriff to determine any additional needs or concerns related to a TCMH professional services contract.

•Visited with the county clerk as to why employee correspondence was sent without commissioner approval.

•Held a discussion with the county assessor concerning vacation and sick leave reporting, as well as payment of an employee.

•Reviewed and acknowledged that deputy Jeremy Wink as obtained Missouri POST certification and will be eligible for a supplemental pay grant. He transferred June 17 from bailiff to deputy sheriff. Members are also learned Wyatt Lancaster began as a full-time jailer on June 28. Schuylar Lohrer became a full-time jailer on June 22.

•Received an update on receiving Missouri Department of Corrections paperwork on an inmate.

•Discussion was held with the collector-treasurer concerning vacation time reported on pay stubs, loss of history in a county software system, Incode, and the use of reported information from archives. They also visited about the length of time it takes to get journal entries taken care of through the county clerk’s office.

•Visited with the county clerk about improvements needed for journal entries for the treasurer’s office, bills related to Cable America and CenturyLink and reviewed and acknowledged the hiring of Joslyn Maureen Vasquez as deputy clerk beginning June 29.

•Reviewed correspondence from the State Tax Commission concerning withholdings and an invoice related to a new roof top unit at the justice center.

•Visited with Mary Ellen Higashi from Lynch Township concerning Farm Road 338 and Klotz Drive.

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