A legendary home in Boston that’s only 10 feet wide at its broadest point is up for sale. Credit: SUBMITTED PHOTO

Your svelte summer bod just might fit into this narrow nest.

A legendary lair in Boston’s North End — a property that’s 10 feet wide at its broadest point and aptly known as the Skinny House — has listed for $1.2 million, according to the Boston Globe.

Located at 44 Hull St., the slim structure — whose slender shape indeed makes it the city’s most narrow pad — measures about 1,165 square feet. At its rear, it trims down to a mere 9.25 feet wide.

The home stands four stories high and lacks a front door, with just four oversize windows visible from the curb. (The entrance is located just off to one side, down an alleyway.)

Perks include a private roof deck with views of Boston Harbor and the surrounding neighborhood. There are also updated appliances, hardwood floors and exposed brick details.

The first level fits a kitchen with a stone countertop, as well as a dining area. The second floor has enough space for a living area, a dining nook, laundry and the home’s only bathroom. The third level is home to one bedroom, while the fourth floor has the master.

It last sold for about $900,000 in 2017.

This home traces its origins to brotherly beef. The Globe reported that two brothers inherited land from their father. When one was flighting the Civil War, the other constructed a sprawling property across the lot. Out of spite, after returning from war in the 1860s, the other put up this sliver of a home to block his brother’s views. That’s why it’s also known as the Spite House. A wooden sign outside the home makes this official, with “The Skinny House (Spite House)” carved into the grain.

Other skinny homes have popped up over the last year. Last August, a wedge-shaped home outside Chicago that’s just three feet wide on one end sold for $260,000 — and subsequently went viral on TikTok. One month later, and across the pond, the skinniest home in London, about five feet wide at its most narrow point, listed for $1.29 million.

Back in Boston, Carmela Laurella of CL Properties has the listing.


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