Members of the Texas County Commission participated in a celebration of agriculture at the Texas County Fair.

According to its just-released minutes from July 28-29, the commissioners commended exhibitors for their hard work and dedication to the agriculture industry.

In other matters, members:

•Continue to finalize a contract for services with Texas County Memorial Hospital and hired a part-time custodian until a supervisor can be found.

•Developed and emailed a support letter for Deer Lick Apartment Rehabilitation Project.

•Help a discussion with county assessor Debbie James about calls she has received from area entities concerning certification issues from tax levies. She reported that her employees continue to have the wrong start date on time cards and she highlighted a retirement benefit issue had not been resolved.

•Informed the county clerk as to the special fund the American Rescue Plan Act should be deposited and reviewed and acknowledged the hiring of Sarah LaMay Holson as a county clerk office employee effective July 28.

•Contacted the county emergency management director to set up a meeting to discuss the vaccination center at the fairgrounds.

•Reviewed a quote for pre-pay propane for Chilton Oil. The commission will contact other propane companies to find the best price available.

•Met with Diane Krantz about approaching Lincoln Days, as well as working the cook shack at the fair; received a call from Boone Township inquiring as to the status of the Paddy Creek Bridge Project; was informed about some issues related to the phone system at the justice center; attended a drive-by funeral procession ceremony recognizing the service of the late Phyllis Staley, a long-time county employee, circuit clerk and recorder of deeds; and visited with Janet Fraley concerning the tax levy for the county library.

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