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CoxHealth said it seeing an alarming number of cases where COVID-19 patients were treating themselves with Ivermectin, a cattle deworming product.

Cox said one doctor was caring for seven different critically ill patients who took Ivermectin at home and not monoclonal antibodies. “For some, it is a choice that may cost them their life,” said CEO Steve Edwards.

The Food and Drug Administrator issued a warning on Saturday. That came one day after Mississippi reported that two-thirds of recent calls to a state poison control center were related to “ingestion of livestock or animal formulations of Ivermectin purchased at livestock supply centers.”

“Taking large doses of this drug is dangerous and can cause serious harm,” the FDA said.

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  1. I encountered my first touter of ivermectin more than a month ago, on a progressive news outlet,, where I publish my writings, and where the virus of disinformation does not easily breed. This commenter didn’t even know ivermectin, and several related medications, were veterinary medicine. He also didn’t at first know whether ivermectin was a prophylactic or a therapeutic.

    However, ivermectin is currently in testing stage as a possible vaccine for Covid-19 in several other nations besides the US, including Indonesia and South Africa. The data is not very organized, and there was reported plagiarism in the findings from Indonesia. My veterinarian confirmed to me that ivermectin is used for deworming for large animals, but he didn’t say he used it in his practice, which is almost completely dogs and cats.

    I’m from Mississippi, and it does not surprise me a bit that my fellow state citizens are leading in poisoning themselves by trying some other not-yet-FDA-approved treatment– not under medical supervision– than a vaccine. And whether anybody else wants to say it (and many decline in order not to hurt feelings), White Republican conservative Mississippians, Alabamans, Missourians, Louisianans, Texans and Floridians are at the forefront of resistance to public pandemic-mitigation measures.

    Other states, like South Dakota, are experiencing the spike, and acting stupid in the face of it.

    But the South is the only REGION that is putting up wholesale resistance to vaccination. Alabama Governor Kay Ivey came close to calling these rednecks out recently, acknowledging that she could not force private citizens of Alabama to receive vaccines, but as much as saying “you can’t fix stupid.”

    Mississippi and Alabama’s new-case 7-day averages are within 200 of California’s, and California’s population is about 8 times that of Alabama, and about 13 times that of Mississippi!

    Anecdotally, I will tell my experience: 4 weekends ago me and my band The Truckers traveled out of Mississippi for our first mini-tour since 2019. Two out of three shows were in Missouri, including Springfield, population about 168,000, perhaps the hardest-hit single American city in this new wave of Covid-19. The other was a restaurant across from Busch Stadium in St.Louis, where I have played regularly since 2005.

    We played to at least 3/4-full mostly-unmasked indoor crowds in both Missouri appearances. My bass player and I got the Moderna vaccine and were fully vaccinated by the second week in April.

    My drummer, much younger than we two, got the Pfizer shots much later. He had only gotten his second Pfizer shot by the week before we went on the road, so he was not fully vaccinated yet.

    When we got home, all of us were tested within the window of infection– 3 to 7 days since we played Springfield (in fact, 5 days for me)– and we all tested negative, after having gone into situations of rampant Covid increase. We are going to get tested any time we go out of Mississippi, and we stay at home as much as possible while we are here.

    And we are pretty sure that in 2022, we will continue to be mostly unemployed musicians because of the attrition of places to entertain due to the Covid, and the understandable unease of owners about drawing crowds.

    The cultural effects of the Covid pandemic do not get the news space that, for instance, Covid’s effect on education does, education being a central political area of interest. But as an international cultural worker, I can tell you that my friends across Europe report that those effects are profound.

    Bill Homans, aka Watermelon Slim

  2. And we should try an experimental vaccine less than a year old? I think NOT!!! More have suffered side effects from the experimental poison than have benefitted by it. NO thanks

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