MIssouri 2021 ice cream social
Houston will participate in Missouri's ice cream social on Aug. 10.

Houston will join in the celebration Tuesday, Aug. 10, to mark the 200th anniversary of Missouri’s statehood.

In commemoration of the Missouri Bicentennial Ice Cream Social on Aug. 10, the Community Betterment and Arts Council of Houston will host a “Bicentennial Back-to-School Birthday Bash” at the Houston Municipal Swimming Pool. Simmons Bank in Houston will pay for admissions from 1 to 4 p.m.

Several activities are planned:

•1 p.m. — Swimming and registration for door prizes.

•1:45 p.m. — Live Facebook coverage begins

•2 p.m. — National Anthem, pledge to the flag, prayer and Happy Birthday Song

•2:30 — Door prizes

•3 p.m. — Ice cream for everyone

At 4 p.m. students will leave with 150 commemorative pins that be given in honor of the Missouri Bicentennial mural that was painted by students in the Houston R-1 School District.

Sponsors helping community betterment are Simmons Bank with the pool fee, Walgreens, door prizes; Walmart, ice cream, D&L Florist, Facebook Live; Restorative Justice at the South Central Correction Center, banners; Rep. Bennie Cook and Houston Area Chamber of Commerce. Pictures also will be taken.

Persons who would like to help or contribute, can call Elaine Campbell at decamcoinc@yahoo.com.

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