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Members of the Texas County Memorial Hospital board heard a financial report, received an update on capital expenditures and learned about physician recruitment during its monthly meeting.

Linda Pamperien, chief financial officer at TCMH, presented the financial report for June. 

Overall revenues were up by $929,642 for the month, which is a 14.4 percent increase from budgeted expectations. The hospital had a 13 percent increase in inpatient volumes, increasing $180,820.

Pamperien said outpatient revenue was up again at $696,578 for the month.  The emergency room continues to see increases, which directly reflects to ancillary departments such as MRI, CT and all radiology.  She noted that the operating room/recovery is up, which is a great contributor to the increased outpatient revenue.

Bad debt for the month was $500,111.

Pamperien noted that the contractual adjustments were down this month at 59.9 percent and 63.5 percent year to date.

Overall expenses dropped $40,561 for the month. The hospital ended June with a positive bottom line of $190,262 and year-to-date loss of $478,991. Increased revenue and a decline in contractural adjustments helped the results.

In other matters, members heard:

•CARES Act funds have been depleted. The hospital has received a portable pulmonary function testing machine, four ambulance cots, COVID medication and two ultrasounds. Additional equipment is on order, including a pharmacy and medication management solution for ICU, another ventilator, ultrasound that helps deliver medications and other treatment to central veins, 10 IV pumps, equipment that aids those suffering from sleep apnea, personal protective gear, portable X-ray, CT and MRI equipment and several small items.

•Strickland noted that the Licking ambulance base is moving into a temporary location next month until a new base is constructed.

•Heard Courtney Owens, quality management director, discussed the HAC (Hospital Acquired Conditions) measures which are reported publicly and cover several different categories. 

“During the time period of July 1, 2018, to Dec 3, 2019, there were 733 eligible discharges that were reflected in the 2021 report,” Ms. Owens stated.  “Out of all 733, we had one patient that counted against us.”

She shared the second quarter quality assurance report from other departments.  She mentioned that several, such as emergency and cardiopulmonary,  have implemented good measures to show ways that they have improved on different aspects, such as COVID.

•Heard Helania Wulff, director of public relations, report physician recruitment efforts are ongoing.  She noted a Wichita visit is scheduled in August to potentially recruit residents.    

•Learned from Strickland that the hospital received a Rural Health Clinic Vaccine Confidence Program grant to increase vaccine marketing efforts and that a new generator installation is set for August.

•Heard Dr. Christopher Baldwin is credentialing at Salem Memorial District Hospital and would be seeing obstetric patients in Salem, along with doing GYN procedures. 

•Learned seven $1,000 TCMH Foundations Scholarship winners have been named and Strickland is meeting with all area city councils to present a report on 2020. Learned the hospital is instituting a Texas County leadership roundtable quarterly breakfast. The first was Friday. He said the meetings will be utilized to partner together for the betterment of communities.

The next meeting is noon Tuesday, Aug. 24, at the Jayson Gentry Community Safe Room. Due to COVID-19 and social distancing restrictions, persons may attend via teleconference.  To attend, call 417-967-1236.

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