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Texas County Memorial Hospital released new data Monday related to COVID-19 in the county.

It said transportation can be arranged by using this site to receive a vaccination.

Here are area vaccine locations:

•TCMH Mountain Grove Clinic, 417-926-1770

•TCMH Licking Clinic, 573-674-3011

•Missouri Ozarks Health Clinic, Houston/Cabool

•Walmart Pharmacy, Houston

•Rinne’s Pharmacy, Licking

•Forbes Walgreen Pharmacy, Houston

•Texas County Health Department, Houston

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  1. Miss use of the word, vaccine or vaccination. This injection, is not a vaccine. Vaccines are for the prevention of a disease or illness. This shot will not prevent the infection. It boosts your immune system to fight the infection. Everyone will be infected to a lesser degree, because of their injection! Non approved (medical) face masks are as good as hurricane fencing is to keep mosquitoes out. N95 is only 40% effective to stop germs from entering the wearer, but 95% from the wearer from giving you their germs. source; 3M

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