A man was arrested following an incident at a Cabool business.

A man is charged with two felonies and is held in jail on $500,000 bond after an incident Aug. 1 at a truck stop on U.S. 60 at Cabool.

Nickomas Williams, 36, address unknown, is charged with unlawful use of a weapon and resisting with an arrest for a felony (both class E felonies).

A Cabool Police Department officer reported being dispatched at about 7:05 p.m. regarding a truck driver allegedly wielding a knife at the Garden Inn Truck Plaza. Upon arrival, the officer pulled up next to the truck described by the reporting person but was unable to see inside due to a curtain in the windshield.

The officer reportedly drew his duty pistol and approached the truck, and the driver – Williams – opened the driver’s side door, but disobeyed orders to show his hands and moved to the sleeper portion of the cab.

The officer then went back to his patrol car and waited for other officers to arrive. Two more reportedly responded to the scene, and each grabbed a rifle from their patrol cars, and the trio called for Williams to get out, but he didn’t.

An officer then broke the driver’s side window and again told Williams to get out, without results, and another reportedly fired multiple rounds from a pepper ball gun into the truck’s cab, causing Williams to finally climb out.

With the three officers telling him to get on the ground, Williams reportedly continued to disobey and was tased. After that, Williams gave up and was handcuffed and searched, and a knife in a sheath was located on his belt.

Officers asked people present what they had witnessed, and a management employee at the truck stop said there had been talk about the truck leaking oil and she had tried to advise its driver of the situation, only to be threatened by a man with a large hunting knife.

A man there told officers Williams had also threatened him with being stabbed, and another man spoke of Williams making threatening statements.

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