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The Texas County Health Department issued a report Monday on COVID-19 cases in the county.

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The Houston School District gave an update Friday on the number of positive COVID-19 cases on campus, as well as those under quarantine.

There are 12 positive cases among staff and students. The breakdown is four employees: Two elementary staff and two district employees. Eight students: Two elementary, two middle school and four high school.

The number of quarantines stood at 87, as of Thursday evening. That includes one high school staffer, 54 elementary students, 11 middle schoolers and 21 in the high school. Sometimes a classroom has to be sent home because students have been so close together.

When the quarantine rate jumped above 9 percent, the district implemented a required mask policy when social distancing is not possible.

Dr. Allen Moss, superintendent, said the district continues to watch the numbers closely to determine when it is safe to pull back the mask mandate for grades 6-12 when social distancing is not possible. With the number of positive cases, that’s not possible now.

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