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The Houston School District issued a report Thursday on COVID-19. The number of quarantines escalated on Wednesday.

There are seven positive cases among students and staff. Students numbers are: One each at the high school and elementary and two at the middle school. One staff member at the high school and two at the elementary are positive.

Several quarantines were required Wednesday. Here are the counts on Thursday: high school (18), middle school (17) and elementary (31 in mostly two classes). There is one staff member in the elementary. There were five student cases pending in the elementary on Thursday, Sept. 2. That brings the total to 72.

If a child is quarantined and not showing symptoms, parents/guardians can have them tested on the fifth, sixth or seventh day at the Texas County Health Department in Houston. They can return on the eighth day with a mask.

“As before, we are not yet seeing a spread in school,” said Dr. Allen Moss, superintendent. “However, if we reach the 9 percent threshold at the middle school/high school, we will look to begin a mask mandate to keep kids in school. This is to ensure that our students are here, and we have the staff to continue running the school efficiently. We strongly encourage mask wearing at this time.”

Parents who have children with symptoms connected to COVID-19, should keep them at home.

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