The following are excerpts from just some of the reports recently generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

•A deputy responded Sept. 7 to a request by the Houston Police Department to check the vicinity of Highway 17 and Highway 38 for a white 2005 Ford F-150 that had been reported stolen and was believed to be abandoned in that area.

The officer located the truck in a gravel lot on the west side of Highway 17. It was towed to Piney River Ford in Houston.

•A deputy investigated a report of a stolen dog on Sept. 7.

A 33-year-old woman told the officer her female Chow (valued at $5,000) had been missing from her Beeler Road residence at Cabool for three days. It was unclear in the dog had escaped or was stolen.

•A deputy responded on Sept. 8 to a report of a domestic disturbance at a Highway M residence at Cabool.

The officer spoke with a 45-year-old man there who said a 39-year-old woman had shot him with a BB gun and hit him with the gun’s stock. The man said he didn’t want to pursue charges and just wanted to go to bed.

The officer spoke with the woman and she said the man had been calling her profane names and that she didn’t shoot or hit the man.

The officer advised the pair of the 12-hour rule.



View a list of Texas County Jail admissions online at

Texas County Jail admissions

Sept. 20

Caleb J. Hester – burglary

Susan Dixon – possession of controlled substance

Bryon Pettijohn – possession of controlled substance

Rachel Prater – DWI, possession of controlled substance

Jasper D. Robbins – assault

Kevin R. Warner – DWI

Sept. 21

Chad Klein – failure to appear

Luke T. Riley – writ

Dennis L. Carr – Wright County hold

Brittanie Mathews – Wright County hold

Dustin Studdard – possession of controlled substance

Sativa C. Hale – assault, endangering welfare of a child

Sunny D. Shelton – drug charge

Ashley Clark – stealing

Paul Borchard – Willow Springs PD hold

Sept. 22

Austin L. Skidmore – State of Colorado hold

Mark T. Obenland – possession of controlled substance

Brandon D. Pena – possession of controlled substance

Joshua G. Miller – assault

Sept. 24

Kristy L. Ray – possession of controlled substance

Jesse D. Allison – resisting arrest

Doris B. Williams – possession of controlled substance, stealing

Charles Carr – possession of controlled substance

Velvette Seay – Dent County hold

Sept. 25

Katelyn Taylor – stealing

Andrew C. Carnell – DWI

Sept. 26

Crystal Daily – Wright County warrant

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