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Several investigations were handled by the Texas County Sheriff's Department recently.

The following are excerpts from reports recently generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

•On Oct. 9, a deputy traveled with a Division of Family Services investigator to a Bado Road residence at Cabool regarding a report of unsanitary living conditions for a 5-year-old boy attending school.

The investigator told the officer a report had been received indicating the boy comes to school dirty and with clothing, a backpack and lunch box smelling of cat urine, and that a cockroach had been observed crawling out of the lunchbox.

Contact was made with a 29-year-old man and 28-year-old woman at the residence, who allowed entry into the house. Many dogs and a lot of trash were observed in the yard.

About 10 cats were seen inside, and there was a strong odor of cat urine inside the residence. Animal feces was reportedly observed in the family room and in the laundry room mixed in with a pile of adult and children’s clothes.

Photographs were taken; no action was taken at the time.

•A deputy responded on Oct. 6 to a report of a vehicle blocking the roadway on Ingram Road in Houston.

Upon arrival, the officer observed a white 2002 Chevrolet S-10 pickup in the middle of the road. A computer check revealed that the truck wasn’t reported stolen.

It was towed away and attempts were to be made to locate its owner.

•A deputy was dispatched Oct. 5 regarding a report of a domestic disturbance involving a pregnant woman who claimed to have been pushed around by a man at a Reed Road residence at Licking.

The officer made contact with a 33-year-old woman there who said a 40-year-old man had assaulted her because he was on fentanyl and she had tried to take drugs out of his pocket so he wouldn’t use it all at once and overdose.

The woman said the man had left on foot and she didn’t know where he was. She told the officer she didn’t wish to pursue charges.

•A deputy was dispatched Oct. 5 regarding a report of trespassing at a Highway 181 residence at Cabool.

A 66-year-old man there told the officer he had gotten into a verbal dispute with a 43-year-old man over a shovel, and he was concerned that the other man would come into his house at night and beat him up.

Texas County Jail admissions

Oct. 11

Anthony C. White – trafficking drugs

Michael L. Moore – trafficking drugs

Oct. 12

Erica Sanderson – Webster County hold

Summer Terrill – resisting

Matthew Dunseth – possession of controlled substance

Jeran Lucas – DWI, driving while revoked

Theresa Haynes – Shannon County hold

Sharon L. Barton – possession of controlled substance, failure to appear

Curtis Durham – probation violation

Oct. 13

Zachariah Barbe – possession of controlled substance

Christopher Trentham – DWI, driving while revoked

Oct. 14

Kirstan Welch – driving while revoked

Benjamin W. Croft – non-support

Oct. 16

Cody L. Jennings – 48-hour commitment

Jessica D. Storie – careless driving

David J. Kerwin – domestic battery

Allen L. Fuwell – possession of controlled substance, distribution of controlled substance, endangering the welfare of a child

Lonnie R. Royal – assault

Oct. 17

Logan I. Morgan – burglary

Lonnie R. Royal – destruction of jail property

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