There are a lot of people who think that the current times are among the worst in the history of mankind.

They may have a point, because there does seem to be a multitude of things to be concerned with or worry about.

There are potential threats from lots of countries, including China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and more.

There are also potential threats from “extremist” groups like the Taliban, ISIS, Hamas, Boko Haram and more.

Then there’s all manner of other issues to grab one’s attention and create doubt and apprehension.

There’s rising prices of food, fuel, housing and pretty much everything else.

There’s processed foods, genetically-altered foods, food scarcity and “fake” foods.

There’s climate change, space debris and large heavenly objects hurtling toward Earth.

The ocean is becoming toxic, glaciers are melting, river levels are dropping and hundreds of species of insects and animals are on the verge of extinction.

Electronic devices are negatively altering peoples’ lifestyles while at the same time perhaps intruding on their privacy.

The U.S. mainstream media won’t stick to facts, other nations’ versions of media cloak reality and make up facts and new TV shows are either too vile or too uninteresting.

Societal unrest is commonplace, financial pressure is everywhere and hardly anyone wants to listen to an opinion that differs from their own.

Things are happening and changing at breakneck speed, it’s getting harder by the minute to recognize what’s true and right, and knowing who to trust isn’t as easy as it used to be.

There has never been a time like this, when the j-curves of almost everything have reached the exponential stage. It’s enough to make a person begin to lose hope and perhaps even give up.

But you know what? I think maybe all that stuff makes this one of the coolest times ever to be alive.

You know why? Because I truly, honestly have peace in my heart knowing that God is at the helm of this ship of life, and He won’t be unwittingly running it aground.

Some may think that’s silly and simple-minded, but I possess a very analytical personality and I haven’t arrived at that realization without going through a careful, heartfelt process. Sure, I see how things are deteriorating before all of our eyes, but I know it’s just a temporary bump in the path of eternity.

Thanks to God, I don’t value fear, and I don’t let it drive my thought process. While I do take notice of the weirdly awful state of the world, it doesn’t bother me.

To go a step further, there is also still more than enough to be thankful for and happy about these days.

There’s that hilarious dog that runs around in the yard.

There’s grilling steak and chicken, laughing at an old sitcom rerun and sharing small talk with a good acquaintance.

There’s sitting on the front porch and listening to the wind in the pines, digging a hole to transplant a tree and playing a board game with friends.

There are pretty sunsets, great music and maple donuts.

And there’s that lovely wife I get to spend so much precious time with.

Anyway, as an old relative once said, “just grab some popcorn and sit down and watch the show.”

Might as well, because there don’t appear to be many other options.

Doug Davison

Doug Davison is a writer, photographer and newsroom assistant for the Houston Herald. Contact him by phone at 417-967-2000 or by email at

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