A check of enrollment shows about 3,900 students in classrooms this fall.

About 3,900 children are in classrooms across the county as school opened in August and September, a tally of the enrollment shows.

Leading the head count in the county is the Houston School District, where about 1,000 students were enrolled in pre-school through high school when doors reopened. The tally showed: 57, pre-school; 55, kindergarten; 302, first through fifth grade; 243, sixth through eighth grade,  and 340, 9-12.

By Monday, the number stood at 1,028, which is steady from last year.

Licking showed an increase of 23 students from the period a year ago. There were 834 students in classrooms. Cabool also showed an increase from last year. Officials said 759 students are enrolled. That’s up about 49 from the start of classes last year.

Summersville had 464 attending — up about 23. Plato showed an increase of 37 from last year. The head count stood at 557.

Success’ census stood at 116, up from last year’s 103. And Raymondville had 134 pupils. Success and Raymondville have students enrolled through eighth grade.

Enrollment is closely watched by school administrators because it ultimately translates into the amount of funding distributed by the state.

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