Picture of county commission
Members of the Texas County Commission. From left: associate commissioner Doyle Heiney, presiding commissioner Scott Long and associate commissioner John Casey. Credit: HOUSTON HERALD FILE PHOTO

Members of the Texas County Commission met Oct. 20-21, according to minutes it released. Much of the business related to the resignation of the county clerk.


•Appointed Peggy Seyler as interim county clerk on Oct. 21. (2-1, commissioner Doyle Heiney voting no)

•Met with collector-treasurer Tammy Cantrell concerning issues with voided checks.

•Reviewed and acknowledged the resignation of Charles Joshua Smith effective Oct. 20 from his accounting role in the county clerk’s office.

•Signed a contract with an attorney for the public administrator’s office.

•Will contact the emergency management director to determine the status of a memo with the county health department and Houston Area Chamber of Commerce.

•Met with Matt Robertson, Houston School District transportation director, concerning work on Murr Road.

•Visited with Kris Neal as to the possibility of being interim county clerk, discussed with the Missouri secretary of state’s office procedures related to a Nov. 2 election, briefed Herald publisher Brad Gentry on the resignation of the county clerk and met with Rep. Bennie Cook to discuss the process to appoint an interim county clerk.

•Received a call from Leann Green of Boone Township related to progress toward a Paddy Creek Bridge. It called the South Central Council of Governments to determine if any headway had been made with the U.S. Forest Service and an engineering firm.

•Met with Brenda Jarrett concerning township issues and appointment of an interim county clerk.

•Checked with Lindsay Koch, recorder of deeds, if Lookout Drive has been deeded to the county.

•Discussed an abandoned tire collection at the former Houston city dump location.

•Met with the county attorney concerning elections, the county clerk’s resignation and bonding of an interim clerk.

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