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The following are excerpts from reports recently generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

•A deputy responded Nov. 20 to a report of a break-in at a Highway AD residence at Cabool.

A man there told the officer that his three sons had gone to get firewood and when they returned found that a window in the front door had been broken out.

The man said it was his wife who had busted the glass, and that she was spending the day doing meth with her boyfriend. The man also claimed she had told him that she would have the boys because her boyfriend was going to kill him.

The man told the officer he had received about a dozen threatening texts from the boyfriend, but had deleted them.

The officer advised the man that since he and his wife were still married, nothing could be done about the broken window. The man was advised to get an order of protection if he felt his or his boys’ lives were endanger, and to not delete any further threatening texts he received.

•A deputy was dispatched Oct. 14 regarding a report of a domestic dispute at a Miller Road residence at Bucyrus.

The officer made contact with a 64-year-old woman and 45-year-old man there. The woman told the officer she had come home from the store and the man had yelled at her for taking so long. The man said he was mad because the woman was out doing her own things and not at home with him.

The two were advised of the 12-hour rule.

•An officer was dispatched Oct. 15 regarding a report of a domestic assault at a Brushy Creek Road residence at Houston, after a woman called dispatch indicating a man and another woman were in a “knock down drag out fight.”

The officer made contact with a 42-year-old woman there who said she works all day and that a 40-year-old man bugs her and won’t let her sleep. The officer then spoke with the man, and he said the woman came home and started yelling at him because he doesn’t do anything but watch TV and eat her food.

Both people told the officer the dispute had only been verbal, and the officer didn’t observe any signs of a physical altercation. They were advised of the 12-hour rule.

•A deputy was dispatched Nov. 18 regarding a report of property damage at a Bee Rock Drive residence at Raymondville.

A 31-year-old woman there told the officer that a 30-year-old man she used to date had come to her house and refused to leave. She said he kicked over a shelf and broke some glass on the porch, and that on Nov. 16 he had punched the driver’s side mirror on her truck, causing it to break.

The officer attempted to contact with the man without success. Investigation continues.

•A 32-year-old Bucyrus woman reported a vehicle stolen from her Rocky Ridge Road residence on Nov. 4.

The woman told an investigating officer her 32-year-old former boyfriend had taken the 1990 Chevrolet Silverado, and that she didn’t know where he was until she received a letter from Oklahoma PIKEPASS indicating he drove through a toll booth.

Investigation is ongoing.

Texas County Jail admissions

Nov. 19

Justin D. Dake – 48-hour commitment

Tyson Warner – driving while revoked

Brent Lambert – possession of controlled substance

Nov. 20

Tracy Schafer – failure to appear

Drew A. Gregory – failure to appear

Roger G. Morgan – driving while revoked, careless and imprudent driving

Nov. 21

Courtney Melton – possession of controlled substance, stealing, resisting arrest

Joseph Wright – DWI (drugs), possession of controlled substance

Nov. 22

Lucas T. Bailey – manufacture of controlled substance within 200 feet of school

Schuyler S. Lohrer – Licking warrant

Nov. 24

Leon Davidian – non-compliant sex offender

Vincent D. Brummer – DWI, driving while revoked

Randuel T. Dailing – assault

Nov. 25

Kelli Russel – DWI

Bethany M. Hall – failure to appear

Nov. 26

Leena D. Smith – possession of controlled substance

Dwight Buchanan – drugs warrant

Nov. 27

Adam L. Bashor – Wright County hold

Samantha Crawford – Franklin County hold

Nov. 28

Timothy Neal – failure to appear

Jessica Shehorn – possession of controlled substance

Nov. 29

Bobby L. Backues – possession of controlled substance

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