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Several investigations were handled by the Texas County Sheriff's Department recently.

The following are excerpts from just some of the reports recently generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

•On Oct. 26, the Plato School District reported a theft of items in a car parked overnight at the district’s bus barn.

The vehicle was reportedly owned by a man who is a bus driver and was parked there after breaking down. A school district representative told an investigating deputy that cash had been swiped from inside the vehicle. Surveillance video showed a silver Hyundai sedan pull up to the scene at about 1:25 a.m. and a man get out and enter the victim’s car.

Investigation led to a 19-year old Roby man being identified as the suspect, and he was arrested and taken to jail pending formal charges.

The suspect was also found to have no driver’s license.

•A deputy responded on Oct. 26 to a report of dogs attacking horses at a Lynch Drive property at Bucyrus.

A 50-year-old man there told the officer a pack of dogs had been chasing his horses, and he had shot one of them after it attacked a colt. The man also said he had captured one of the other dogs and placed it in a cage, but that the rest had run away.

The officer searched the area, but was unable to find the allegedly shot dog, or any evidence of it. The deputy took the captured dog and contacted a 72-year-old woman at her Highway AA residence and observed several dogs running loose. The woman reportedly confirmed the caught animal was hers.

The deputy told the officer that one of her dogs had supposedly been shot, but evidence wasn’t found. She told the officer she would take action to prevent further incidents involving her dogs.

Texas County Jail admissions

Oct. 26

Blake P. Schmitz – DWI, possession of controlled substance

Michael Doughty – possession of controlled substance

Jon Pau Sheehan – assault

Oct. 27

Alan D. Haneline – child molestation

Justin L. Douglas – possession of controlled substance, trespassing

Dewight S. Archer – stealing

Amy Jackson – burglary

Gary L. Thompson – writ

Carlton J. Curtis – stealing

Oct. 28

Darren Bussard – possession of controlled substance, driving while revoked

Oct. 29

Nathan Campbell – burglary, stealing

Oct. 30

Johnny A. Owens – warrants

Lisle J. Dunihoo – possession of controlled substance, supplying alcohol to minor

Zerek L. Johnson – possession of controlled substance, minor in possession of alcohol

Richard Cheney – possession of controlled substance

Daniel W. Deluca – DWI, leaving scene of an accident, driving while suspended

Norman D. Jackson – driving while suspended

Oct. 31

Brianna J. Norsworthy – U.S. Marshals warrant

Miligue D. Simmons – state of Texas hold

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