A Houston man faces a pair of felony charges after allegedly assaulting a woman during an incident at his house on Nov. 11.

Anthony J. Moritz, 20, of Houston, is charged with second-degree domestic assault (a class D felony) and resisting or interfering with an arrest for a felony (a class E felony). Charges were filed Dec. 27.

A Houston officer reported responding to a call about a domestic dispute in progress at Moritz’ residence. The response followed a 20-year-old woman’s call to 911 indicating Moritz had hit her, choked her and tried to stab her, and that she was locked inside a vehicle with Moritz outside of it.

Upon arrival, the officer reportedly told Moritz to approach, but he failed to comply. The officer reported that Moritz continued to disobey orders, and claimed he was held in the house against his will.

After investigation, the officer determined Moritz was the primary aggressor. He was finally apprehended and taken to the Texas County Jail. His bond is set at $250,000. A Texas County Memorial Hospital ambulance crew checked on the victim.

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