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The following are excerpts from reports recently generated by the Houston Police Department:

•Leena D. Smith, 32, of Hartshorn, was arrested Nov. 26 for having an active Texas County warrant for a felony charge of possession of a controlled substance and a misdemeanor charge of possession of drug paraphernalia.

An officer made the arrest after responding at about 2:25 p.m. to a report of a woman sleeping in a hallway at the Piney Inn Apartments on Grand Avenue. Upon arrival, the officer observed a woman sleeping in an upstairs hallway. The woman identified herself as Smith and said she was waiting for a cousin to return.

A computer check revealed the warrant, and Smith was taken to jail with a bond set at $25,000.

•Leigh Ann McGaughey, 23, of 6177 Highway 137 at Yukon, was issued a citation for public peace disturbance on Dec. 10.

•An officer was dispatched at about 2:15 p.m. Dec. 10 regarding a report of a large group of people involved in a loud verbal altercation at Walnut Street and Fourth Street.

Upon arrival, the officer observed about 20 people standing in the middle of Fourth Street. A man and woman began walking toward the officer, with the woman yelling loudly at him. Another lady there told the first woman to stop yelling, but the first woman then began yelling at the second.

The officer placed the first woman in handcuffs and put her in his patrol car to try to calm things down. The officer then spoke with the second woman and the man and was advised that he and the first woman were to be married at 1 p.m., but she was about 7 minutes late and became angry when she was questioned about it, and a yelling match ensued between the pair’s family members.

When the officer went to speak with McGaughey, she reportedly continued to be belligerent and yelled at the officer and others present. She was cited and taken to jail due to being aggressive toward people at the scene.

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