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A Texas County Memorial Hospital’s community improvement district (CID) —  established to support the completion of the hospital’s 6,000 square foot surgery expansion project — is providing funds for the improvements.

Revenue comes from a quarter cent sales tax applied to purchases from retail businesses within the district that was approved in 2019 and implemented in January 2020.  

During the CID’s first full year in 2020, it generated $102,893 in tax revenue, a slightly higher amount than the $100,000 originally anticipated by hospital administration. In 2021, it generated $121,547 in tax revenue. 

The City of Houston receives the tax funds directly from the State of Missouri at the end of every month. The CID and the hospital must then seek reimbursement directly from the City of Houston for eligible expenses that were specifically defined within the CID’s project budget.

Eligible expenses include surgery related equipment as outlined in the budget.  In 2021, a triple sink-wash, rinse and sonic clean, a Amsco washer-disinfector with rack, and controls and boxes for a chiller/HVAC were purchased for the new surgery center.   

The quarter cent sales tax within the CID will expire once the budgeted items are fully reimbursed.

The tax revenue generated from the CID since the 2020 implementation and the years to follow, should help cover some of the equipment and construction costs for the hospital’s surgery expansion project, hospital officials said.

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