Houston City Hall

Members of the Houston City Council held a short meeting Tuesday night at Houston City Hall.

The council purchased two pieces of equipment: A bid was approved for a street crack filler costing $21,975. A mower for greens at the Houston Municipal Golf Course was approved at a monthly fee of $448.43 for 60 months. One in current use was headed for costly repairs, the council heard.


•Will review paperwork from several sources as it prepares a financial incentive for new housing construction. Further discussion is set for a Feb. 7 meeting. The documentation includes policies from Harrison, Ark., Lebanon, community leader Don Romines and businessman Brad Rees. Alderwoman Angie Gettys asked that local builders also be surveyed for their input.

•Are expected to review a draft from city attorney Brad Eidson that outlines a new policy on grass mowing, including responsibilities of property owners. Further discussion is expected at its Feb. 7 meeting.

•Will seek pricing for engineering services from Archer-Elgin of Rolla for a sewer line relocation project near Tiger Stadium. The Houston School District will pay for the cost as part of a track improvement.

•Heard City Administrator Scott Avery give a brief overview of city financials before a more detailed presentation later.

•Requested that paperwork be generated for its annual lease renewal for quarters occupied by the Houston Area Chamber of Commerce and an agreement between it and Public Water Supply District 3, which occupies a portion of the building.

•Adjourned into a closed session.

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