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The Houston School District has adjourned classes for the week amid a threat of inclement weather and a surge of COVID-19.

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The Houston School District is closing for the rest of the week amid a spike in COVID-19, Dr. Allen Moss said Tuesday afternoon.

Moss said the decision is based on the risk of inclement weather beginning around noon tomorrow and the surge of COVID-19 in the district.

“We have added 28 positive cases today for both staff and students that we know of. This is in addition to numbers from last week as well as absences due to other illnesses. We continued adding to the list as the day went and we have well over 30 staff members out today. Our attendance has dropped close to the 80 percent mark and several schools around us are seeing the same thing.

The Texas County Health Department announced Tuesday afternoon that it had recorded more than 120 positive cases in the last four days.

“Please be careful over the next couple of weeks. While we hope this passes quickly, please work to ensure the health of yourself and your children,” Moss said. “While we will not utilize AMI or Alternative Methods of Instruction during this three-day break, we may begin that in the near future if this trend continues.”

The school district hopes to resume classes on Monday, Jan. 24.  


At Licking, classes also are closed for the rest of the week based on the weather forecast and a rising number of staff and student illness. It is hoped classes will resume Jan. 24.

At Cabool, classrooms will close Wednesday and instruction will occur virtually. The district said it was encouraging only immediate household family members of players attend the Cabool Classic Tournament.

Cabool said it had 120 students out sick, as well as 15 teachers, along with others who are paraprofessionals and hold other jobs.

Success School is closed Wednesday.

Raymondville School and Plato Schools also will close for the remainder of the week.

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