Chances of receiving more than four inches of snow, according to the National Weather Service.

Major winter weather is forecast for much of the state beginning overnight Tuesday and continuing through the end of the week, the Missouri Department of Transportation said Monday.

MoDOT urges people to stay off the roads if at all possible during the periods of ice and snow. If you must travel this week, use extra caution, anticipate slower travel times and consult the Traveler Information Map ( for road conditions.

“This is a potentially severe winter storm that will play out over several days and dump a mixed bag of freezing precipitation on most of the state,” said MoDOT Director Patrick McKenna. “Up to 12 inches or more of snow has been forecast for portions of Missouri and other areas may receive freezing rain, ice and sleet in advance of the snowfall.”

Texas County is expected to receive some snow — not as much as some regions of the state  — and has a risk of receiving frozen precipitation, too.

All available crews will be out across the state working 12-hour shifts throughout the day and night, but staffing is still short across the state due to turnover and sickness. “It may take crews longer to return roads to a mostly clear status after the storm ends later this week,” McKenna said.

Rain is forecast to precede the winter event, making it difficult to treat roads ahead of the storm. To make matters worse, bitter temperatures following the snow and ice will limit the effectiveness of chemicals used to clear covered roads.

“This winter storm has the potential to create extremely hazardous driving conditions for most of the state,” said McKenna. “We urge all drivers to plan to get to their destinations ahead of the storm and be prepared to stay there. If you can, stay home and give us room to work. Remember, every stranded car slows down the snowplow’s ability to clear the roads and prevents emergency vehicles from reaching their destinations.”

Should you be involved in a minor crash or slide off the road, remain in your vehicle with the seat belt buckled. Equip your vehicle with a winter weather emergency kit before you travel in winter weather. Include any necessary medications, a phone charger, a blanket, bottled water, nonperishable foods and a flashlight. For more items to include in a winter weather emergency kit, visit

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