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Several investigations were handled by the Texas County Sheriff's Department recently.

The following are excerpts from reports recently generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

•Phillip E. Baldree, 36, of 9189 Morton Road, Lot 1, in Houston, was arrested Jan. 6 for having an active Camden County warrant (of unreported nature) with statewide extradition.

A deputy made the arrest while assisting Houston police with an investigation on Morton Road and coming into contact with Baldree. A computer check revealed the warrant, and he was taken to the Texas County Jail.

•A woman reported on Jan. 16 that a green Ford F-150 had been parked for about two days on the driveway at her Gettys Road residence in Houston and she wanted it removed.

An investigating officer ran a computer check on the truck’s plates with negative results. The vehicle was towed away.

•A 60-year-old woman reported at about 2:45 p.m. Jan. 1 that she had parked her 2016 Lincoln MKZ at a commuter lot at U.S. 60 and Highway M and left it for about an hour, and when she returned to it and started it up, it sounded very loud.

The woman told a deputy she then discovered a piece of the exhaust system was missing. There is a suspect.

•Vikki Hebert, 50, of 17856 Highway H at Elk Creek, was arrested Jan. 18 for having two active Texas County warrants of unreported nature.

A deputy made the arrest in a courtroom at the Texas County Justice Center in Houston after being advised that Hebert was there. Hebert was taken to the Texas County Jail.

Texas County Jail admissions

The Texas County Jail photograph
The Texas County Jail.

Jan. 17

Victoria D. Williams – driving while revoked

Jan. 18

Vicki Hebert – possession of controlled substance

Levi C. Fisher – unlawful use of weapon

Lori Diamond – 5-day commitment

Gaige Watts – 6-day commitment

Wesley Field – possession of controlled substance

Amy L. Dinkin – DWI

Jan. 20

Shannon L. Collins – 3-day commitment

Roger A. Christ – Douglas County hold

Austin L. Pribble – Houston warrant

Jan. 21

Tiffany N. Crisp – possession of controlled substance, driving while revoked

Clifford G. Cooper – driving while revoked

Steven Labbee – expired license

Allyson D. Gregory – possession of controlled substance

Joshua G. Wolfe – stealing

Marissa Reams – commitment

Leena P. Smith – unlawful use of weapon

Travis A. Smith – property damage

Timothy Colbert – 2-day commitment

Jan. 22

Andrew B. Lewis – driving while revoked

Chase A. Beach – 24-hour commitment

Richard M. Chaney – 11-day commitment

Jan. 23

Terri A. Mason – DWI

Lyvia Dobbs – no valid license

Katherine M. Evans – nuisance violation

Jan. 24

Kim Riston – murder

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