A representative of Stray Rescue of St. Louis with dogs saved from a site in the Houston area. The organization responded after the death of the property owner. Volunteers said the public had been feeding the animals, but there was no one to organize a rescue. (Submitted photo)

Several organizations and volunteers are continuing to take care of animals found on property between Houston and Licking.

Lee Kern of Houston Animal Hero’s, a local organization, said Monday that he believes well over a hundred were abandoned on the property that is on Whispering Pine Lane after a man died and the other property owner moved to Texas. Most have luckily be placed with foster homes. The horrors uncovered have Kern seeking criminal charges. Bodies of several dogs also were found.

Kern operates the organization with Bree Self and has been instrumental in getting the animals help and finding homes. (Its Facebook page is facebook.com/houstonanimalheros and persons can offer assistance there)

On Monday, dogs were still being trapped so they could receive adequate care. That includes visiting a veterinarian to check their health, including sterilization and vaccination.

Kern said a Jefferson City area group had taken 40-50 of the abandoned dogs last week, too. He’s shocked that dogs suffered so much before help stepped in.


A St. Louis charity that rescues animals was in the Houston area late last week after reports of the dogs found on a 12-acre tract.

Cassady Caldwell, executive director of Stray Rescue of St. Louis, said the group assisted.

“Over the years, Stray Rescue has been asked to help with some of the worst cases imaginable, but this one shook us all,” she said. “This was an absolutely heartbreaking rescue, but we all can sleep a little better knowing these babies are safe, and we will not give up until all are off that property.”

A bus, a van and several volunteers traveled from St. Louis to the Houston area. With their shelter full, the organization reached out online to find foster homes. Nineteen were brought to St. Louis, where they immediately received owners without spending a night in the shelter, which was founded in 1998. Another 13 were deceased and returned for cremation.

To learn more, see strayrescue.org.

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