Missouri WIC announced a new, temporary waiver Friday that will allow the purchase of alternative infant formula types using WIC benefits during the Abbott infant formula recall event.

This temporary waiver allows Missouri WIC to issue additional non-contract brands of formula that participants may select if their Similac formula is not available at authorized WIC retailers. Participants may begin to purchase these alternative brands and types of infant formula as early as last Friday, depending on each individual retailer’s completion of the process for preparation of non-contract formula sales.

This waiver allows each WIC participant to select from equivalent brands at the retailer should non-recalled Similac formula be unavailable. Participants are asked to select Similac brand formula first, where available.

Most WIC participants who already have formula benefits issued to their eWIC card will not have to return to their WIC local agency to redeem the alternate formula types at the retailer. If a participant wants to change their issued formula type, they will need to return to their WIC local agency, which locally is the Texas County Health Department.

Missouri WIC will continue to provide updates of any program changes to ensure the program offers the most options possible for WIC infants.

Typically, WIC federal regulations prohibit non-contract formula unless there is a medically-documented need for an exempt formula. Missouri WIC received a waiver to this requirement in response to shortages caused by the Abbott recall.

Missourians interested in learning about the benefits of WIC may visit wic.mo.gov or call the Texas County Health Department at 417-967-4131.

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