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The following are excerpts from reports generated by the Houston Police Department:

•An officer responded on Feb. 10 to a report of a property dispute at an Acorn Street residence.

The officer made contact with a 40-year-old man there who said a 49-year-old woman had pointed a handgun at him during an argument. The officer located the woman and seized a .38 caliber pistol from her.

A probable cause statement was sent to the county prosecutor.

•A 60-year-old woman came to the police station on Feb. 19 requesting to turn in her deceased husband’s two shotguns.

An officer informed her that if the guns were legal, police were not able to simply take them. The woman said one was probably illegal because it was sawed off.

The officer went to the woman’s vehicle and observed that one was sawed off. It was seized and placed in evidence to be destroyed.

The officer suggested that the other gun be sold or given away.

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