A unique project that brings students, parents and the school district together for a reading project kicked off this week at Houston Elementary.

“One School, One Book” joins all together for activities surrounding E.B. White’s book, “Charlotte’s Web.” Each student received a copy of the book. Families were invited to a private Facebook Group to listen to school and community members read a chapter. The videos are released each evening at 6. Dara Gulick, elementary librarian, invited families to take time each evening to listen, follow along with readers and enjoy the book.

“Reading aloud is valuable because it better prepares your child to be an effective reader and it is also fun! The goal of this program is to grow a community of readers at our school. Everyone —  students, teachers, even administrative staff will all be following along. Our hope is that everyone will be talking about Charlotte’s Web.” Said Gulick.

Students will do activities that tie into the book. They also will have the opportunity to answer trivia questions to reward attentive listening.

“Charlotte’s Web is a fun book because it appeals to all age levels. Many of you probably remember reading or listening to the book when you were in a child,” wrote Gulick to parents. “Students in the upper grades will enjoy following along in the book. For younger students it is beneficial for them to listen to reading material out loud that is beyond their reading level.”

To learn more, contact her at dgulick@houston.k12.mo.us.

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