Texas County Adminnistrative Center
Members of the Texas County Commission handled several matters recently at the Texas County Administrative Center in Houston, according to released minutes.  Credit: FILE PHOTO

Members of the Texas County Commission met March 9-11 at the Texas County Administrative Center.


•Interviewed a potential candidate for maintenance supervisor.

•Discussed American Rescue Plan Act pertaining to water districts, hospital and economic development.

•Appointed Cathy Sirdoreus to the Texas County Library Board.

•Attended a recent meeting at Willow Springs organized by a regional group to discuss the possible expansion of U.S. 63 to four lanes. Representatives of the City of Houston and TCMH also attended.

•Met with Candace Pritchett, Piney Township treasurer, concerning procedures for appointing vacancies on the township board.

•Attending a South Central County Commissioners meeting at Houston.

•Discussed IT issues with onboarding a new employee with the county assessor. They also reviewed and acknowledged the hiring of Shannon Harris in the assessor’s office effective March 9.

•Handled a request from the public administrator to send a deputy to training if money is in the budget to cover it.

•Discussed smells coming from the elevator area of the Texas County Administrative Center.

•Reviewed Upton Township’s contract with the county and found it incomplete.

•Reviewed an invoice from Grennen Communications, West Plains, concerning Judge Beger’s order to change phone systems for the circuit clerk’s office.

•Studied an email concerning evaluation of new flood plan mapping. The commission will return it.

•Heard from George Sholtz concerning his continued lawsuit against Cass Township. The commission will review his documentation.

•Contacted Licking Residential Care concerning American Rescue Plan Act funding.

•Contacted Ann Tottingham concerning use of restrooms for a Sunday fund-raiser.

•Discussed new lights and awnings for the Texas County Administrative Center and a new flag pole. Information will be gathered on cost and size needed.

•Provided a letter of support for Lindsey Recycling.

•Developed a letter of support for a business incubator program at Twin Cities Industrial Park.

•Reviewed the network firewall and the telephone system, including Grennen Communications, U.S. Cellular and CenturyLink with Alextricity.

•Visited with Chris Strickland and Bill Bridges of TCMH concerning American Rescue Plan Act funds and the purchase of new ambulances for the institution, as well as other issues affecting the county.

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