Members of the Texas County Commission met March 2-3, according to minutes it released.


•Reviewed an application and interviewed for a custodial positions, discussions held with several organizations related to American Rescue Plan Act funds. It discussed its phone system related to a judge’s order, invoice and bid and are seeking information from the circuit clerk for information on the Summersville Municipal Court expenses.

•Signed and sent a letter of support for the solid waste management district.

•Met with Curt Faigle and Kim DeMotte, National Rally Series, concerning supporting a road rally in Texas County. They will meet with the township advisory board in April.

•Approved the hiring of a new custodian.

Texas County Commission meets.

•Reviewed and approved additions and abatements to the tax rolls in a meeting with the county assessor.

•Discussed internet changes affecting settings on sheriff’s department equipment with the sheriff.

•Reviewed basic training for a new program being taught by the Texas County coroner. Those participating may receive POST training credit for this program.

•Reviewed an invoice from Fox Funeral Home for removal of an individual at Texas County Memorial Hospital.

Signed an agreement with Gilmore and Bell, a Kansas City firm, for management of the bonds for the justice center, as well as a memorandum of understanding with the State of Missouri concerning the settlement of opioid litigation.

•Received a phone call from Ron Reed concerning a letter of commitment for a business incubator at Twin Cities Industrial Park, visited with Diane Krantz about community activities, talked to Sherri Underwood about assistance for water districts and met with Glen McKinney concerning Armed Forces Day on May 21 and Vietnam Day on March 29.

•Visited with Alextricity about completion of administrative passwords from Liberty Tech and running fiber optics between buildings, talked to Mike Scott, Barker, Phillips and Jackson of Springfield concerning health insurance issues and visited with Chris Strickland and Bill Bridges concerning using American Rescue Plan Act funds for the purchase of new ambulances.

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