Larry Dablemont speaks in Houston about his plans for a county museum highlighting the Big Piney River and its culture. Credit: HOUSTON HERALD FILE PHOTO

Texas County native Larry Dablemont will be in Houston on Friday night (April 22) to give an update about a proposed local museum that pays tribute to the Big Piney River.

He’ll present information beginning at 7 p.m. at Savor Grill on South Sam Houston Blvd. across from Texas County Memorial Hospital.

Dablemont,  who has been offered a small tract for the project, outlined plans last month to build a structure that would highlight the rich history of the Piney and residents.

Dablemont said Tuesday museum owner and sculptor Fred Hoppe, who is assisting on the project, won’t be accompanying him on this visit until levels on the Piney subside — more rain is expected this week. The men had planned a float trip.

Logs for the project have been secured, Dablemont reported this week.

He’ll also be meeting with the Houston Lions Club at noon Friday.

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