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Polls for the Tuesday election opened at 6 a.m. and closed at 7 p.m.

[All of 11 precincts reporting].

Texas County Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees (One to elect)Votes
George Sholtz570
Jim Perry1,258
Beverly S. Clark661
City of Cabool, mayor
Lane M. Daniel5
Shyanne Daniel3
Danny Cannon143
Brenda J. Jarrett88
City of Houston – Ward I
Dale Depler Jr.27
Kevin Stilley74
City of Houston – Ward III
Don Romines125
Joe C. Honeycutt62
City of Licking – Ward II
Mike Aiken60
Linda Breedlove60
Houston School District board members (two to elect)
Jeff Gettys537
Jennifer Scheets626
Andrew “Andy” Wells307
Summersville School District board members (two to elect)
Emily J. Doosing43
Max Racicot26
Jason Greear83
Jason Rutledge55
Ryan Hunt105
Cabool School District board members (two to elect)
Shaun Watson304
Tony Hughes40
Dennis Brown68
Nadine Wallace104
Jacob Reese242
Plato School District board members (two to elect)
Robert Murray106
Eric Crews64
Jody Fry156
Don Rose116
Licking School District (two to elect)
Heidi Moloney240
Roy Kinder200
John Huff187
Ashli Todaro255
Joseph Satterfield136
Jake Floyd218
Unofficial returns
Texas County Law Enforcement sales taxVotes
City of Licking police sales tax

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