Kelly quilt photograph
This quilt will be sold in conjunction with the Emmett Kelly Clown Festival later this spring. It was handicrafted by the Restorative Justice Program at the South Central Correctional Center at Licking. Pictured are: Brenda Senter, a community volunteer and committee member, and Joe Satterfield. Credit: (Submitted photo)

A quilt for the Emmett Kelly Festival is up for bid on Ebay, organizers said Tuesday.

The quilt, which is designed with an embroidery center of a self-portrait done by Emmett Kelly himself in 1966, is queen size.  

Stasia Kelly, daughter of Emmett Kelly Sr.,  gave permission to make the quilt with the profits to be given to the Houston High School arts for special scholarships.   Emmett Kelly, raised on a farm east of Houston,  was not only a circus entertainer but an artist with paints and chalk. 

He once again will be honored as the “first American Clown” in Houston, Mo., on April 28-30 as the City of Houston revives the dormant festival that was last held in 2008. The highest bidder on the quilt will be announced May 1. 

Persons can go to the Emmett Kelly Festival Facebook page to see the quilt.  It is 108″ x 116″ with the image embroidery in the center.  It was constructed by the Restorative Justice program at the South Central Correctional Center. Persons can make bids on Ebay.  

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