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Following a Houston Police Department investigation April 1, a man and woman are each charged with a trio of felonies.

Thomas E. Stanton Jr., 50, and Amy Bowling, 41, both of 250 Forrest Drive in Houston, are each charged with second-degree trafficking drugs, possession of a controlled substance and unlawful possession of a firearm.

Officers served a search warrant at the pair’s residence at about 6 a.m.


Both were present and detained, and both agreed to speak with officers. During questioning, they each reportedly admitted to possession of fentanyl.

During a search of the house, numerous drug-related items were found and seized, including 500 fentanyl capsules with residue, methamphetamine, marijuana, prescription pills identified as controlled substances and multiple pieces of drug paraphernalia (including 250 used syringes).

Two guns and a set of brass knuckles also were found,  according a report. Stanton and Bowling both have prior convictions and aren’t permitted to possess firearms.

As of Tuesday (April 12), Bowling was held in the Texas County Jail and Stanton wasn’t in custody. Each suspect has a bond set at $250,000. Bowling has an arraignment set for Thursday, April 14.

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