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The following are excerpts from just some of the reports recently generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

•A 79-year-old woman reported on May 1 that her residence on Elder Road at Elk Creek had been broken into and a bamboo birdcage from Vietnam and a Bible had been stolen.

The woman told an investigating deputy that she had been gone between Feb. 12 and April 29 and the theft had occurred during that period. There are no suspects.

•A deputy was dispatched May 3 regarding a report of theft at a Shafer Road residence at Licking.

A 50-year-old woman there told the officer several farm tools and implements with a total value of $3,596 had been swiped. She said she and her husband own the property but don’t live there, and the last time they saw all the equipment there was March 31.

There are no suspects.

•A deputy was dispatched May 4 regarding a report of theft at a Boone Creek Road residence at Licking.

A 25-year-old man there told the officer he came to the property to get a vehicle and found it was missing its tires and wheels. There is a suspect.

•A deputy responded at about 2 a.m. May 9 to a report of a noise disturbance at a Highway M residence at Cabool.

Upon arrival, the officer made contact with several people playing band instruments that were wired to speakers and producing a large volume of noise. The people told the officer they weren’t aware anyone could hear the sound, and said they would quit.

•A 78-year-old Raymondville man reported on May 10 that numerous items with a total value of $6,685 had been stolen from a King Lane residence he owns.

The man told an investigating deputy that the residence had been fully furnished and had been being rented by a 32-year-old woman. He said he had evicted the woman and she had taken his belongings from inside and sold them.

The investigation is ongoing.

Texas County Jail admissions

May 23

Joseph Treacy – possession of controlled substance

Parker Ward – driving while revoked

Patrick Vaughn – driving while revoked

Michael Scranlin – Howell County warrant

May 24

Brandon Ingram – driving while revoked

May 25

Willard E.L. Hall – possession of controlled substance

Tabatha Bruder – tampering with motor vehicle, possession of controlled substance

May 26

Andrea Roman – DWI

Michelle Dewolfe – possession of controlled substance

Ashley Slocum – DWI

Earl Wieprecht – delivery of controlled substance

Rosella Egan – delivery of controlled substance

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