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Marvin Rice

A former correctional and police officer in the county has had his recommended death sentence reduced to life without parole by a judge.

Marvin Rice, a Dent County man had been recommended to death sentences twice, but the most recent was set aside by a St. Charles judge who ruled he’d stay the rest of his life in jail.

At the conclusion of the most recent preceding, the jury unanimously agreed that a sentence of death was warranted and presented the verdict to the judge.

At the conclusion of a May 23 sentencing hearing, the judge ordered the sentence of life without parole.

Rice was arrested and charged with the murder of two people in Dent County in December 2011. A chase ensued and he was eventually shot and captured after entering a Christmas party at a Jefferson City hotel.

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    1. I dunno–A guy is a former cop and prison guard’s life behind bars could be…interesting.

  1. As a prison guard he should had known a lot better. I do not know how strong the evidence presented was at the time of his judgement, but I do know that if he indeed committed the crimes accused of, then he will wish to have the death penalty instead. Life in jail could be a bit stressful…

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