Picture of county commission
Members of the Texas County Commission. From left: associate commissioner Doyle Heiney, presiding commissioner Scott Long and associate commissioner John Casey. Credit: HOUSTON HERALD FILE PHOTO

Members of the Texas County Commission met June 8-9 at the Texas County Administrative Center.


  • Reviewed and approved a liquor license application for the Boiling Springs Resort.
  • Set the date of the Board of Equalization meeting for July 20, 2022.
  • Reviewed and approved the bid for county banking services, awarding the bid to Simmons Bank.
  • Discussed with Assessor Debbie James the removal of deceased taxpayers’ personal property. She requested that in the future she be able to review the list before anyone is removed.
  • Tammy Cantrell, collector/treasurer, inquired about working four days a week to cut down on expenses county employees acquire with high gas prices. The Commission decided this would not benefit the citizens of the county who need to do business at the courthouse.
  • Parke Stevens, prosecuting attorney, discussed concerns about Slab Spring Road and Road Rally issues.
  • Maintenance discussed concerns regarding EPM and elevator issues.
  • Reviewed the Coroner’s monthly mileage report and the counsel agreement concerning an opioid lawsuit.
  • Met with Dewayne Goforth, who takes care of the county road signs, about fuel prices and how to compensate him for mileage.
  • Reviewed hospital bills that will be discussed with the sheriff.
  • Heard from the county clerk that the county was issued refunds for overpayment from Anthem Insurance in the amount of $5,841.51 and Work Comp of $882.
  • Heard from Jeff Malam, of Pierce Township, about issues with the Pine Road bridge.
  • Heard from Grant Wilson, of Congressman Jason Smith’s office, concerning grant opportunities and a new system for off-road bridge funding.

PDF: Minutes from county commission’s June 8-9 meeting

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