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Roy E. Mayberry, 80, of Anacortes, Wash., passed peacefully at his residence on Saturday, May 28, 2022,  with his loving family by his side. He was born on Feb. 5, 1942, in Houston, Mo.; the son of Hearley and Mary Serene (Troutman) Elliot.

Anytime Roy would meet someone new, they would comment on his accent and ask where he was from. He would proudly reply, “Houston, Mo., that’s in Texas County.” He loved traveling back there to visit “The Uncles.”  The Troutman uncles were Wayne, Darwin, Raymond and Roy aka Uncle “Pete.” Roy always felt the love of those uncles and their wives and cherished the times to visit and reminisce. His Grandma Willie Mayberry was very special to him as well.  Hearley and his mom separated when the boys were young and he was raised by his mom and a kind souled man named Bill Elliott.  In 1957, they drove out to Washington in a black  1957 Chevrolet and settled in the Rainier Valley. Roy graduated from Kent Meridian High School.

He married Sally and they had two boys, Todd Wayne and Greg Ronald. Roy and Sally had a black vette and he always told a story of how it had to be traded in for a more suitable family car when Todd came along.

Among many of Roy’s adventures were the first bar in Seattle that had Go-Go dancers and a special table in the back for Mrs. Colacurcio. Did I say Roy liked to tell stories? Plenty of them came out of that place. Roy had an adventure living  in Hawaii managing an exposition center and hosted entertainers like Tina Turner, … more stories? Yes!

Back to Vista, Calif. and in the real estate and construction business, he loved Vista for the perfect weather.

Roy retired as a builder around 1980 and moved to Woodlake under the urging of his high school and to this day friend, Jerry Hixon. He adapted quickly to the cowboy lifestyle and stayed busy with his cattle and horses. Never gave up the cars though! Roy coached the Pop Warner football in Woodlake and a lot of those kids kept in touch with him over the years which brought him great pride. Roy made a big difference firing up a lot of their lives and he was rewarded tenfold.

Roy met Lea in 1981 and they married in 1986 in Everett, Wash. They continued to live in Woodlake where Roy bred and trained his paint horses. His successful breeding program with Stormin’ Dorman resulted in several halter and performance futurity winners. Roy never gave up his love of cars. Roy and Lea moved to Anacortes in 1994 and  Roy opened the pawn shop in Stanwood. He was perfectly suited to this role, wheeling, dealing and BSing. His cronies would come in and they could tell stories all day!

Roy was able to connect with his dad,  Hurley, and although you can never make up for lost time with your family, Roy was so happy for those last years that they could build a good relationship. He brought he and Vera Mae back to Anacortes to live when Hurley’s health declined. They both also lay here at Grandview with Roy. 

Roy always tried to stay fit  and loved his men’s basketball group and going to the gym, more cronies and more stories!

He brought his own ’57 Chev with him when they moved from California to Anacortes and continued to build “the herd.” I don’t know how many cars Roy had in his lifetime, too many to count. His style was El Caminos, ’55, ’56, and ’57 Bel Airs, corvettes, pickups and ’37 & ’39 Chevrolet.  He still had many of those and just washing them kept him busy enough.

If Roy wasn’t out with cars or horses, you could probably find him with his grandchildren. He was so excited when Todd moved his family to Anacortes. He spent a lot of time with Sarah as she grew up. His friend Mingo whom he called “son” had two daughters, Madeleine and Adriana, who also called him grandpa. Clint’s boys Nathan and Nolan were also a big part of his life and Roy  enjoyed watching them compete in rodeos and team roping events.

Roy was very proud of his boys, Todd,  Greg  and Clint and the great men they have become and  he so loved those grandkids. That is Roy’s  true legacy.

Memorials in honor of Roy may be made for the upkeep of Central Baptist Cemetery, Attn: Tyson Troutman, 7844 Westwood Dr., Houston, Mo. 65483.

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