Texas County Administrative Building photo

Members of the Texas County Commission met May 25-26 at the Texas County Administrative Center.


•Met with Summersville Fire and Rescue Assistant Chief Frank Volvo inquiring about expense reimbursements from COVID-19 funds received by the county. The funds have already been dispersed.

•Discussed radiology bills owed by inmates.

•Approved Collector Tammy Cantrell’s request to remove deceased taxpayers from the tax rolls.

•Discussed a Grennan Communications bill and will wait to pay until the owner returns from vacation and provides more information.

•Reviewed the Ricoh copier bill. The county clerk will contact the salesperson.

•Met with Dan Cavender of Barker, Phillips, Jackson of Springfield concerning an insurance policy that renews in July.

•Approved and signed a contract with Upton Township.

•Met with County Assessor Debbie James about work to correct issues on Forrest Road, as well as discussing city fiber and disposal of records.

•Heard from Laura Spurlin, maintenance, about issues with the energy management system and elevator inspections.

•Visited with Richard Perkins concerning road issues on Kelly Road in Jackson Township.

•Discussed with Don Stilley about township issues on Turley Road. They also discussed a new lawsuit against Upton Township and cutting ditches.

•Heard from Ben Akers of Sherrill Township concerning a few items concerning the township.

•Visited with Texas County Memorial Hospital CEO Chris Strickland about the institution’s May report.

•Heard from George Sholtz ask questions about the county’s emergency management director and other concerns.

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