Travis Thompson began duties with the Houston Police Department in August 2018.

The Houston Police Department once again has a sergeant on its roster, as officer Travis Thompson was promoted to the rank effective June 20.

Thompson has worked in law enforcement since 2013, serving with the Texas County Sheriff’s Department and Cabool Police Department before joining the HPD in August 2018.

“Sgt. Thompson is a professional, hardworking and trustworthy officer who has shown he is willing to do the small things needed to serve our department and our community,” said HPD Chief Brad Evans. “He always places the needs of the department and community before his own and has proven to be a major asset to this community.” 

Thompson is certified as a firearms instructor (in pistol, rifle and shotgun), Glock armorer, rifle armorer, pepperball gun instructor/armorer and in electronic forensics. He is currently the department’s firearm instructor, evidence custodian and electronic forensic evidence officer. 

Evans said Thompson’s duties will include being a first-line patrol supervisor, field training officer and evidence custodian.

“I’m excited to begin my new duties and look forward to the challenge of this position,” Thompson said. “I hope to expand our department’s relationship with the community and provide leadership to the department. I look forward to building community relationships and assisting in moving the department forward in all aspects.”

The HPD’s sergeant position has been vacant since April 2021, when Matt Woodmansee was promoted to lieutenant.

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