Houston resident Tucker Venn hits a ball off a tee during 11-12 boys competition. Credit: DOUG DAVISON | HOUSTON HERALD
Award winners in the Pitch, Hit & Run competition last Saturday in Houston.

This year’s annual Pitch Hit & Run competition in Texas County took place last Saturday (June 4) at Tiger Field on the Houston Schools campus.

Kids ages 7 through 14 are eligible to participate in the free event, which is sponsored by Major League Baseball and offers both baseball and softball divisions.

The event includes pitching to a target to score points, a timed run from first base to second, and five swings at balls perched on a tee.

Participants in the Pitch, Hit & Run competition last Saturday in Houston.

Local age group champions:

•7-8 boys: Jaxson Sponsler.

•9-10 boys: Jude Smith.

•11-12 boys: Blake Sanders.

•13-14 boys: Johnathon Causey.

•7-8 girls: Desirae Posant. 

•9-10 girls: Ember Crawford. 

•11-12 girls: Katie Pope.

If the local champions have a high enough score compared to the other regions around Missouri, they’ll advance to compete this summer at Busch Stadium in St. Louis. Event organizer Dustin Smith said he would know later in the summer if any of Texas County’s local winners advance. 




•Pitch: First, Jaxon Sponsler; second, Teegan Ortega; third, Miles Morgan.

•Hit: First, Miles Morgan; second Jaxon Sponsler; third, Ryker Wilson.

•Run: First, Jaxon Sponsler, second, Miles Morgan; third, Teegan Ortega.


•Pitch: First, Hunter Bergonzoni; second, Will Long; third, Dale Harper.

•Hit: First, Rocky Gilbert; second, Jude Smith; third, Will Long.

•Run: First, Jude Smith; second, Will Long; third, Hayden Dixon. 


•Pitch: First, Tucker Venn; second, Karson McCain; third, Bryce Beeler.

•Hit: First, Blake Sanders; second, Karson McCain; third, Gage Smith.

•Run: First, Stryker Sloan; second, Gage Smith; third, Tucker Venn.

13-14 (two entries)

•Pitch: First, Johnathon Causey; second, Colton Street. 

•Hit: First, Johnathon Causey; second, Colton Street.

•Run: First, Johnathon Causey; second, Colton Street.


7-8 (two entries)

•Pitch: First, Desirae Posant; second, Brenly Beeler.

•Hit: First, Brenly Beeler; second, Desirae Posant.

•Run: First, Desirae Posant; second, Brenly Beeler.

9-10 (one entry)

•Pitch: First, Ember Crawford. 

•Hit: First, Ember Crawford. 

•Run: First, Ember Crawford. 

11-12 (one entry)

•Pitch: First, Katie Pope.

•Hit: First, Katie Pope.

•Run: First, Katie Pope.

To view a photo gallery from the Pitch, Hit & Run event in Houston (with the option to purchase photos), click here.

Event organizer Dustin Smith addresses participants at the 2022 Pitch, Hit & Run competition last Saturday at Tiger Field in Houston.

Doug Davison

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