bear photograph
A bear’s body lies on the tailgate of a Missouri Department of Conservation pickup after it was killed Monday morning when it was struck by a vehicle on Highway PP north of Cabool. Credit: DOUG DAVISON | HOUSTON HERALD

A black bear was struck and killed by a vehicle Monday morning north of Cabool on Highway PP, authorities said.

Missouri Department of Conservation agents Jeff Crites and Chris Ely said the bear was a juvenile, about two years old, and weighed between 75 and 100 pounds. Crites retrieved the carcass at the Texas County Justice Center after sheriff’s department personnel removed it from the roadway.

“The active season for bears is normally slowing down by the end of July,” Ely said, “but with the dry weather conditions this year, many of the berries and other food sources that bears use have dried up.”

Crites said there are now about 1,000 black bears in southern Missouri, as they continue to move north from Arkansas.

“As the population increases, we’ll see more and more things like this,” he said.

Anyone who sees a bear near their house is urged to take precautions.

“It’s really important to make sure all food sources are locked away out of a bears reach,” Ely said. “This includes trash, bird feeders, barbecue grills, pet food and so on. If they get food, they keep coming around and cause huge problems.”

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