Picture of county commission
Members of the Texas County Commission. From left: associate commissioner Doyle Heiney, presiding commissioner Scott Long and associate commissioner John Casey. Credit: HOUSTON HERALD FILE PHOTO

Members of the Texas County Commission met June 29 and 30 to transact business.


  • Met with Prosecutor Parke Stevens on several county matters including the phone system, municipal court and the upcoming road rally.
  • Approved liquor licenses for “The Gas Station”, “Milestone County & more” and two businesses in Raymondville.
  • Sheriff Scott Lindsey said the City of Summersville approached him about patrolling their city since they lack police presence.
  • Reviewed the liability policy from the road rally organizers, an invoice from TCMH concerning inmate care and Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System (LAGERS) benefits for county employees.
  • Heard from George Sholtz about the donation he was giving to Cass Township for improvements to the culvert on Hamilton Creek Road.
  • Were presented the official 2021-2022 manual from the Secretary of State by Representative Bennie Cook.
  • Held the Law Enforcement Restitution meeting on June 30.

The full minutes can be read here: PDF: Texas County Commission minutes

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